2023 Shield Goalie Academy Camps

We are excited to announce our **NEW** camp offerings for the 2022-2023 season. All camps are by our highly trained and passionate staff wanting to get each goalie to the goals they have for the season. Shield works to a 3 goalie to 1 coach ratio to maximize coaching at each station for all goalies.

2023 Holiday Camp

We are excited to announce our Holiday Camp at the O'Brien Arena, Woburn, MA. Our annual camp is meant to help goalies to work on their game in the middle of the season and continue to development throughout the season. This camp is open to goalies of all ages and skill level. Email shieldgoalieacademy with any question regarding the camp. We look forward to getting on the ice.


Per Student

Private Lessons

Looking for a private lesson with Shield staff we can work with anyones schedule to have a 1 on 1 lesson.

Per Student

Shield Video Review

Shield is now offering video review service to help goalies grow their game through video feedback. A Shield staff member will breakdown the video and provide feedback through a zoom video conference with the goalie.


Per Student

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